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Commercial electrical systems are very complex and demand experience along with expertise. The electricians at Jolt have the experience and expertise that your project requires.

Conduit Installation
Main Electrial Service
Ceiling Conduit Construction
Panel Box
Electrical Room
LED High b
Wall Packs

Add Lights! Improve Aesthetics
Improve Your Profits 

Upgrade to LED Lights, Lighting Control Systems, New Circuits, Occupancy Sensors
Improve Your Savings

Poor lighting detrimentally affects aesthetics, providing a negative feel to your customers as they walk in.  This can have a negative impact on profits, as the customer would probably focus more on why the lighting is so poor, than your product. Give Jolt a call today for an estimate!

Upgrading, to LED lights, is an investment upfront, that can and will help you to save money in the long run by reducing energy consumption. 

With so many options and solutions to consider - Call Jolt, and let's consider together a solution for your project!


JOLT For All Your Commercial Industrial Lighting Needs

Updating the lighting of your commercial business? Let Jolt help! We have extensive experience handling all aspects of commercial lighting, from installation all the way to helping you design the ideal lighting layout to optimize performance and safety.

Since we have been a part of the electrical industry for many years, our commercial electrical technicians can assist with upgrades, repairs, installations, maintenance, and much more.

Considering an addition to your current space, a remodeling to your storefront, office space, or an upgrade to your electrical system? Give Jolt a call and let's discuss how we can assist with the electrical challenges of your project. 



  • Code violations compliance and correction

  • PLC - Programmable Logic Controller 

  • Commercial Installation and Maintenance

    • Business Standby Generator

    • Back-up power systems

    • Electrical upgrades, renovations & additions

    • Transformers

    • Electrical meter rooms and main breaker panels and new circuits 

    • Solar lighting systems

    • Electric vehicle charging stations

    • Grounding and overcurrent protection

    • Electrical signage

    • Parking Lot Lights & Garage Lights

    • Lighting systems

    • Interior and exterior lighting fixtures

    • Motor controls

    • Underground

  • General Service & Repair



  • Occupancy Inspections

  • Project Estimating

  • Consulting services

  • Adjustable Scheduling

  • And More!

Licensed. Insured. Competitive Pricing


  • Experience to properly identify the electrical problem and offer a solution; 

  • Knowledge to perform and complete the job right, the first time, in time and budget;

  • Licensed and insured electrician with the right tools and skills to install new or repair any electrical issue;

  • Efficient, dependable and professional service;

  • Competitive prices that make sense;

  • Always agree to the scope of work before we perform any service;

  • High ethical standard and honesty in dealing;

  • Accountability and integrity in our work.

Planning Structural Changes or a Larger Scale Renovation Soon?

If so, you can rely on Jolt Electrical to handle it all. We can provide:

  • Full electrical retrofits

  • Lights, ballast 

  • EMT, Liquid Tight, and more

  • Panel upgrades

  • USB wall outlets

  • HDMI ports

  • Cat 6 Ethernet ports

  • Wireless dimmer switches

  • And much more

Add Lights! Improve Security

The commercial electricians at Jolt Electrical have many years of combined experience maintaining, repairing and installing electrical systems, as well as,  interior and exterior commercial - industrial luminaries. We are the trustworthy and reliable electrical contractor you need to have at hand and on demand for your electrical needs! 

New project? Let's talk.
Contact us, we will be happy to talk with you! 
Call / Text: (832) 562-6095 or submit your request online 

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