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Jolt’s Commitment to Efficient, Professional and Competitive Prices

Completing any electrical tasks on your own, or trusting an unlicensed friend or well meaning family member can lead to personal injury or further damage to your electrical components as well as to your entire property. Let Jolt, licensed electricians assist you with your project. We aim to exceed your expectations as our valued customer, in every project we work on. 

Let Jolt Light Up Your Life - Lighting Up Your Home

Warm up your bedroom with comfortable

  • ambient lights for a relaxing evening.

  • Bright directed light for the home office.

  • Flush mount LED lighting are great in hallways and stairways.

Today's lights and luminaries come in many shapes, sizes and style.  There is lamp just for you.
Call/Text now and have Jolt to install it for you today.

Very bright light or just a nightlight is your preference. Whether bright for a meeting or low for a restful evening. Add dimmers to achieve the desired light temperature, for the perfect feel .

Add that needed light with an elegant touch by installing a hanging chandelier. 

Multiple lighting systems for the kitchen  

  • Energy efficient LED's       

  • Fluorescent hanging lamps as a main sources of light   

  • Spot lights over the sink    

With receptacles and switches on the floor or wherever you might need them, the need for long electrical extensions cords are over

Create a new living space enhancing your patio's ambiance and safety with exterior patio lights.

Beautiful motion sensor lights, that not only add safety as you walk up your driveway, but beauty.

  • Light up the trees and light up the ground.

  • Subtle touches of light can enhance the beauty and curb appeal of your home.

  • Light up the landscape plants

  • Light up the water features  

Outdoor wall lights can add safety and beauty all around the home

Under the cabinet lighting not only adds lighting where is needed but adds to the romantic kitchen drama. 

Not All Fan are Created Equal. Installing a ceiling fan not only helps cooling down, it also saves on electricity and adds beauty to any room. 

Add to the beauty of your porch furniture, by installing a beautiful chandelier in your porch.

Safety and beauty - Install this motion sensor lamps around your home.

Vivify the night with swimming pool lights.  The lighting controls can add ambiance for an enjoyable evening with family and friends .

Brighten the pathway with landscape lighting.

So many exterior motion sensor lamps to brighten up your pathway!
Call / Text Jolt  to install one for you today!


  • Experience to properly identify the electrical problem and offer a solution.

  • Knowledge to perform and complete the job right, the first time, in time and budget.

  • Competitive prices that make sense.

  • Best price policy.

  • Always agree to the scope of work before we perform any maintenance.

  • Licensed and insured electrician with the right skills and tools to install new or repair, any electrical issue in a personal, efficient and professional manner.

  • Provide you with the dependable and timely electrical service you need.

Tell us about your project!
Contact us, we will be happy to talk with you! 
Call / Text: (832) 562-6095 or submit your request online 

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